Better Than Meal
Replacement Shakes?

Eating Growli Requires Teeth

Our digestion system has always started in the mouth where salivary amylase is released from saliva glands during mastication (chewing), helping break down carbohydrates before swallowing. Obviously this doesn’t happen if you simply swallow your shake.

Bypassing this stage of pre-digestion could lead to issues with bloating or feeling full of gas. Be a nature intended; chew your food!

Growli has bite, texture and natural whole food flavours and it is easily upgraded with additional fruits, seeds or nuts. All of which are more difficult to incorporate into a shake. In some ways Growli is like a supercharged version of protein porridge.

Drinking food may work in some scenarios, but is it ever going to be a natural way to eat?

You can of course turn your daily Growlies into smoothies and shakes. Simply put the serving into a blender with some ice or water and whizz away, et voila a super shake for pre or post workouts.

You can also make pancakes, waffles and even ice cream with a little bit of ingenuity. See our upgrade section for more details. Learn more about Growli here >

More Natural Than A Shake

Having tried lots of meal replacement shakes, the thing they all have in common, the shaker bottle; well it stinks doesn’t it? Unless you sterilise the shaker on a regular basis you get a smell of bacteria gradually building up within. Definitely something I would never miss.

Cleaning up from a bowl of Growli is way more convenient, plus all that chewing is naturally part of our digestion and good for our teeth and gums. Growli doesn’t rely on excess water consumption to keep your full unlike a shake.

Our muesli has no processed flours unlike a shake, relying instead on a mixture of finer oatmeal and good old fashioned whole grains, that need to be chewed and digested, like nature intended.

Turn Growli Into A Shake

This is really easy and ideal if you prefer to drink your food, or do not have time to sit down for a meal.

  • Place into a shaker cup

  • 2 scoops (100 grams) of Growli, finely ground with a cheap coffee grinder

  • Add approx 200ml water, milk or milk alternative

  • Shake until smooth.

  • [Optional] Add Guar Gum for a thicker / larger shake

Growli contains no thickening agents, so if you plan have your shake later you may want to add a little guar gum as a stabiliser or re-shake in a shaker cup.

Don’t forget you can also blend in ice, frozen berries, espresso shots or flavour syrups, whatever floats your boat!

Photo of nutrition shake made with Growli MuesliPhoto of nutrition shake made with Growli Muesli

Turn Growli Into A Smoothie

This is really easy and ideal if you prefer to drink your food, or do not have time to sit down for a meal.

  • Into a blender, place

  • 2 scoops (100 grams) of Growli, finely ground with a cheap coffee grinder

  • Approx (100 grams) of frozen or fresh berries

  • Approx 225ml water, milk or milk alternative

  • Approx 100ml low fat yoghurt

  • [Optional] Sugar free syrup for extra sweetness

  • Blend until smooth.

Photo of fruit smoothie drink made with Growli MuesliPhoto of fruit smoothie drink made with Growli Muesli

Better Than A Shake Because

  • Chewing food is more natural

  • You don’t look weird eating it

  • More satisfying to eat

  • More fibre, more satiating

  • Cleaning up is easier

  • No blender/shaker required

  • Less liquid; less urination

We Prefer To Chew Our Food

In all honesty many of our team have spent a lot of time consuming meal replacement shakes, I myself had well over a year on them. 

And from this, our conclusion is that we prefer to chew our foods, it is the more normal way to live our lives and find the act of chewing an inherently more natural way to take our nutrition. 

For many of us, we have spent years chewing our breakfast, lunch and dinners and the psychological connection to this action is deeply ingrained within us. Eat Growli at any time >

Can You Live Off Meal Replacements?

You may be asking yourself, can meal replacements replace real food? The answer is no, at least certainly not long term. But meal replacements are a convenient way to get the nutrients your body needs when you're unable to obtain or cook healthy meals, for example when you're having to work through lunch at the office.

Meal replacement shakes were primarily designed for weight loss and are often very low in calories and should not replace all of your food in one day.

A meal replacement can contribute to a balanced diet, although quality of ingredients varies from brand to brand, the essential vitamins they contain may make them worth considering as part of an overall meal plan.

In general, very few of the complete meal replacement shakes fail to live up to the higher standards of nutrition set by Growli.

We would say that Growli offers far more to those who are losing weight maintaining lean muscle or boosting their productivity by having enough energy throughout the day. Growli has impressive levels of vitamins and minerals, with zero sugar added to the formula.


Q. Is Growli Vegan?

A. No, but we are working on a vegan version.

Q. Can I Use Growli To Lose Weight?

A. Yes, just keep in a calorie deficit.

Q. Can You Make Recipes With Growli?

A. Yes, we have a few recipes here for example.

Q. How Many Calories Per 100 Grams?

A. There are 400 kcal per 100 gram serving.

Q. Will This Meal Keep Me Feeling Full?

A. Most of our customers find Growli very satiating.

Q. How Many Servings Per Bag?

A. 21 x 100 gram servings or 42 x 50 gram servings.

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What About Vegan Meal Replacement Shakes?

If you're looking for complete nutrition, but don't have time to prepare meals then maybe a vegan meal replacement shake might be the perfect choice. These shakes come complete with complete protein and essential nutrients which are highly important on a vegan diet to stay healthy.

Again you need to carefully check the quality of any ingredients used, many brands opt for cheaper highly process flours and protein sources masked behind a very nice flavour profile and clever marketing.

It is also worth noting that within the vegan meal replacement shake and vegan protein shake industry, amino spiking is an accepted way to improve the overall nitrogen levels and complete amino acid profile of the product.

Individual amino acids are less expensive than protein sources; especially vegan proteins which are often less expensive than dairy proteins.

Whereas, amino spiking within the whey or casein based products has for many years been frowned upon with many brands being vilified for this practice.

Simply look at the ingredient list of the product, if there are additional amino acids listed separately then this may indicate that some manipulation of protein levels is at hand.

At the moment Growli is not vegan as it uses a dairy protein, it is suitable for vegetarians and those who follow a plant based diet. We do have plans to launch a vegan version, which will again be chewable meal replacement products that are more of proper meal than high protein, diet shakes.

We've spent well over a year testing a variety of vegan proteins, a great deal of emphasis being placed on bioavailability of the protein, ease of digestion and of course flavour. So far we have ruled out the more common lower priced vegan protein blends of rice, pea and bean proteins.

Can You Lose Weight With Meal Replacement Shakes?

Diet meal replacement shakes may make it a more convenient way to lose the pounds in a hurry, for some people they take away all of your problems and triggers with food. For you, this could be because you don't have to worry about planning meals or cooking them!

But like all products, when it comes to meal replacement shakes, there's a wide variety of them out on the market. Some are better than others and some may help you with weight loss faster than others; simply because they contain less calories than the next product.

We suggest finding one that meets all your dietary needs- for example: does it have enough protein? Does it contain the essential vitamins? Will it help you maintain a calorie deficit? Do the meal replacement products taste good?

Alternatively you could choose to use use Growli as part of balanced, nutritious and healthy diet. Each 50 gram scoop contains 200 kcal, so there's 400 calories per serving of 100 grams. Being chewable, high in protein and fibre, has healthy fats and packed full of organic whole grains, we'd openly say Growli is the best meal replacement on the market to help lose weight. See our nutrition data here >

Growli is highly satiating and may help you from feeling hungry for several hours, many customers say they can avoid snacks until their next meal more easily. Removing snacks is often a great way to achieve a calorie deficit for weight loss.

Is Growli A Gluten Free Product?

When gluten first became a household term, it was a popular weight loss trend. Now gluten-free is mostly associated with those who have gluten intolerance and celiac disease. Gluten intolerances are serious health problems that can lead to malnutrition or malabsorption if left untreated. If you suffer from gluten intolerance or celiac disease, then gluten free can be very beneficial.

The majority of people do not need gluten free products, often associating stomach complaints to a gluten intolerance when in fact they are often caused by other foods in their diet, most notably high processed foods. If in doubt, you should discuss testing and get advice from your doctor.

Growli is not gluten free as it contains both wheat and barley flakes. These are both important ingredients to our complete nutrition meal as they contain vitamins and minerals and other nutrients beneficial to digestion and overall health.

We do plan to launch a version of Growli which will be gluten free, but this will be more of an oatmeal based complete meal. It will still contain organic ingredients and all the nutrients associated with Growli, suitable for a plant based diet and meet your nutritional requirements.

Growli Oatmeal will be high protein for maintaining muscle mass, super satiating for any weight loss goals, and way better than regular protein shakes because it will be a complete meal.

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