Many people are unsure whether eggs are dairy products. Eggs might be perplexing since they come from chickens, a type of animal that most people don't relate to milk or butter. The answer, on the other hand, is quite straightforward!

You may have heard that eggs are defined as "dairy" but this isn't accurate at all and should not be considered part of the dairy food group.

What Is An Egg?

Chickens lay eggs we see in the supermarket or grocery store, and in some countries they are kept refrigerated near the dairy section; which could lead to some of the confusion.

Within the shells, nestled in a clear, liquidy, protein-rich outer egg white called albumen that surrounds a delicate yellow yolk full of vitamins and healthy fats called lipids, are a fragile yellow yolk loaded with antioxidants and other nutrients.

Eggs are considered a complete protein, meaning they contain all of the essential amino acids that our bodies require. Humans have chosen to eat eggs throughout our existence, modern farming techniques have increased their availability, reduced chances of salmonella poisoning and reduced prices overall.

Do Eggs Have An Intolerance Risk?

While eggs are an excellent source of protein, there is one issue that some people have with them. Egg whites contain avidin also known as glyco-conjugate binder. Avidin binds to biotin (vitamin B) and limits its absorption in the body which can lead to skin rashes or hair loss if you eat too many egg whites over time.

There area a small percentage of people who do have an egg allergy and follow an egg free diet. If you should suspect this to be the case, a meeting with your doctor is always recommended.

Nutriton At A Glance

Per 50 gram Scoop

  • Energy  197 kcal / 828 kj 

  • Fat  6.75 g

  • Saturates  1.7 g

  • Carbohydrates. 18.5 g

  • Sugar  1.3 g

  • Fibre  5.75 g

  • Protein  15.5 g

Eggs are not dairy and are dairy free

Eggs are not a dairy product, found in the dairy isle or found on dairy farms and they can be enjoyed by just about anyone. Unfortunately, many people have been led to believe that eggs are considered "dairy" but this couldn't be further from the truth!

So if asked, are eggs dairy? The answer is simply no and they fine for those who eat dairy on a dairy free diet or have a dairy milk allergy, but certainly not suitable for those on a vegan diet.

Some restaurants might even include eggs as part of their dairy free recipes or list them as an option for those with lactose intolerance or dairy intolerance or similar dietary restrictions because it is such a common misconception.

But the fact is, eggs are not dairy are from the poultry category and should be enjoyed by everyone!

Photo of chicken eggs next to straw

Why eggs are often categorised with dairy products

So why exactly is it common for people to believe that chicken eggs are dairy? The answer actually has a lot to do with how we categorise foods and the language we use.

Some countries like the USA keep their eggs in the refridgerated section to reduce the risk of salmonella, but in a separate section away from the diary section and cow’s milk.

Many of us grew up learning about the food groups and the food pyramid in school and one of them was "dairy". We were taught that this group included things like milk cheese, and butter.

People who are lactose intolerant or have a dairy allergy can't eat these foods and so they avoid them completely, which sometimes leads to the misconception that eggs should be included too because they're also in this group!

One other reason we might associate the word "dairy" with eggs is that some vegetarians or vegans will use it as a catch-all term for any animal byproduct. This way they can refer to a wide variety of products using just one word.

Photo of chicken eggs next to straw

Are Eggs Vegetarian? Are They Vegan?

Eggs can be consumed by those on a vegetarian diet and they are certainly not vegan.

Eggs are often found on the menu at many vegetarian restaurants, but this doesn't necessarily mean that eggs fit into personal version of vegetarianism.

There's nothing wrong with eating eggs if you're a lactose intolerant, vegetarians enjoy them for their protein & lipids containing benefits too. But just keep in mind that it's important to understand exactly what an egg contains so you can avoid confusing people about whether or not your diet includes animal products like dairy!

Eggs and lactose intolerance

Eggs are not dairy or a dairy product, they don't contain lactose, so are lactose free. To be more precise, eggs actually have no relation to milk based products. Chickens simply do not produce milk and are fine to consume on a dairy free diet.

For people who do need to avoid dairy products for medical reasons or because they're vegan, it's important that they're able to eat eggs as well. Eggs can often be a great substitute in recipes that call for milk or butter and they can be used in all the same ways.

Whether you like to scramble them, fry them, or make an omelet- eggs are fantastic!

The bottom line is that eggs aren't a dairy product so don't worry about it being a problem if your diet excludes both of these foods.

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Q. Are eggs dairy?

A. No, they are produced by chickens.

Q. Are eggs a complete protein?

A. Yes, they contain all essential amino acids.

Q. Do eggs have an intolerance risk?

A. There can be for a small percentage of people.

Q. Are eggs vegetarian?

A. Yes they are eaten by a lot of vegetarians.

Q. Are eggs vegan?

A. No, there are alternatives such as banana, flaxseed, chia seed.

Q. Are eggs lactose free?

A. Yes and suitable for those on dairy free diet.

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Are Eggs Considered A Meat?

Whilst chicken is a poultry meat, eggs are not considered a meat by anyone except for some vegetarians who use the term “meat” to describe what they eat or don't eat. A vegan may consider an egg to be a form of meat product as it is food from an animal.

For everyone else, eating eggs is definitely not eating meat! They're classified as an animal product- but one that doesn't come from any part of an animal .

At the end of the day, it's really up to you if you decide to include eggs in your diet, use them in dairy free recipes or exclude them based on whether or not you follow a vegetarian lifestyle.

Just be sure that when you choose to enjoy this delicious food.

Are eggs baby chickens?

Eggs are not baby chickens. Female birds lay eggs and the male bird's job is to fertilise them so they can grow into new chicks! Fertilisation does not take place on an egg producing farm or poultry farm.

In most cases , when you see a carton of eggs at grocery stores, there will more than one hen responsible for all those yummy and nutritious treats inside .

Does Ice Cream Contain Eggs?

Ice cream does not contain eggs, but it may occasionally include egg as an ingredient. Ice cream is typically a dairy product containing milk or butter, thus not suitable for those on a dairy free diet. Honey can also be included in certain ice creams.

If you're vegan or simply avoiding animal products, double-check the label! If you have egg allergies as always, read the label and know precisely what you're consuming!

Eat Eggs They Are Extremely Nutritious

Eggs are extremely nutritious and healthy! They're high in protein, which is important for muscle growth Eggs are gluten free and also contain many essential vitamins like vitamin A, iron, phosphorus, selenium, B-vitamins etc. that the body requires every day to function properly.

Many people enjoy eggs because they provide a quick source of energy and they're delicious!

Eggs aren't dairy and that means you can enjoy them even if your diet excludes both of these foods. Plus eggs are quick to prepare and super tasty too!

The bottom line is that eggs don't belong to any food group that includes milk or butter so there's nothing to worry about if your diet excludes both. Eggs are 100% dairy free and you can enjoy them anytime!

How Do Eggs Affect Cholesterol?

Eggs don't affect cholesterol. Eggs contain saturated fat, but that doesn't necessarily mean they'll cause your levels to rise! However, the overall healthiness of eggs really depends on how you choose to prepare them . Cooking an egg in oil or butter is much different than cooking it with water.

It's also important you're aware of what else you're eating- if your meal contains items like bacon, sausage or cheese , it's more likely that the eggs will contribute to an increase in cholesterol.

So remember- moderation is key! If you enjoy a good omelet every once and awhile.

What Are Some Vegan Alternatives To An Egg?

There are many vegan alternatives to eggs, and you can find a variety of egg substitute recipes online! Some common substitutes include bananas, flax seeds or chia seeds (mixed with water), applesauce, silken tofu.

The list goes on and on- just be sure that if you're trying to eliminate eggs from your diet, you're aware of what ingredients are used and the purpose they serve!

Final Thoughts

Eggs aren't dairy and they have nothing to do with lactose intolerance and are gluten free. A lot of people believe that eggs are a type of dairy product because they're taught about the food groups in school or by their parents growing up which can lead to many misconceptions!

However, it's important you know that eggs come from chickens, not cows so they're completely different and they don't contain lactose. For people who need to avoid dairy for medical reasons or because they're vegan, it's important that eggs are included in their diet too!

Eggs can be used as a substitute in recipes calling for milk instead of the real thing so you won't miss out on anything delicious by leaving them off your plate.

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