Is it Just A Muesli?

Growli Muesli is way more than just a normal cereal or muesli. Our Muesli is a genuine super food, a nutritionally complete meal that supplies you with optimum amounts of protein, carbohydrates and fats.

Not only a convenient meal but also a highly versatile food which can be transformed into shakes and smoothies, pancakes, waffles and muffins.

Just use your imagination and come up with some delicious recipes.

Who Is Growli Muesli For?

The quick answer is, anyone  If you want a super healthy alternative to your breakfast or lunch, to add variety and performance to your pre / post workout snack.

If you are looking for a quick and convenient filling meal or are following a calorie controlled diet, simply swap what you’d usually eat for Growli muesli and reap the benefits.

Is Growli Nutritionally Complete?

Yes it is! Each bowl provides you with good amounts of every vitamin and mineral your body needs, plus essential proteins and fats with low GI carbohydrates.

You can live off Growli without an issue but it is designed to complement a healthy, varied diet.

Is Growli Muesli Organic?

We would love to put an organic logo on our product, but unfortunately we are currently unable to source organic diary protein at a realistic price, instead opting for a quality grass fed diary protein.

However, all of our grains and seeds are organic, the suppliers of which are audited by the UK Soil Association.

Growli Muesli Vs Shake FAQ
Growli Muesli Vs Shake FAQ

Is Growli Free Of GMO?

Yes, completely GMO free.

How Is Growli Muesli Made?

We are privileged to work alongside some of the most well respected food manufacturers in the country.

We are very proud to say that all of our ingredients were originally sourced and tested in house at our facility in Nottinghamshire before being professionally mixed and packaged.

How Do I Prepare Growli Muesli?

1) Put 2 scoops (100 grams) of dry powder into a bowl
2) Add water or milk or milk alternative
3) Mix to your desired consistency.

Can I Use Milk Or Non-Dairy Milk?

Yes no problem at all!

However, if you are on a calorie controlled diet just be mindful that anything other than water increases the number of calories per serving.

Is Growli Gluten Free? FAQ
Is Growli Gluten Free? FAQ

Can Growli Muesli Be Served Warm?

Yes you can add warmed diary or non-dairy milk or hot water (not boiling) to Growli powder for a delicious and comforting meal or snack.

Is Growli Good For Bodybuilding?

Yes most definitely. The protein sources within our product are ultra high quality with amino acids being released over hours for repair of muscle tissue.

The diary protein within Growli, comprises a full spectrum of protein absorption rates.

Can CrossFit Athletes Use Growli Muesli?

Yes, no problem at all, just eat the serving size you need to fit your calorific requirements and ensure you are fully hydrated.

Would Growli Muesli Be Suitable For Vegetarians?

Yes as long as you have dairy in your diet, it’s suitable for vegetarians, no problem.

Is Growli Good For Weight Loss? FAQ
Is Growli Good For Weight Loss? FAQ

Is Growli A Good Pre Workout Meal?

Most certainly, there is everything you need right there in a single bowl and don’t forget, if you need more carbohydrates in your pre workout meal then why not add some fresh fruit, dried fruit, yoghurt to punch it up a little? You’re the boss, make it work for you!

Would Growli Make A Good Post Workout Meal?

Yes absolutely, all those macro and micro nutrients are great for our bodies after a hard session.

If you need more calories, simply eat a larger serving or complement your muesli with some PB2, fresh fruit etc.

How Much Growli Muesli Should I Eat?

For the first week we recommend that you start off with 1-2 Growlies per day. This allows your body to get used to all this nutrition and fibre packed into a single bowl.

After that you could ramp this up to 3-4 Growlies per day, up to approximately 60% of your daily calories.

Is Growli Muesli Suitable For Vegans?

We are looking at launching a Vegan formula which provides all the same high quality nutrition but without any animal products.

Protein sources in Growli Vegan come from pea protein isolate, hemp protein and rice protein.

Can You Live On Growli Alone? FAQ
Can You Live On Growli Alone? FAQ

Is Growli Suitable For Pregnant Ladies?

We would recommend consulting your doctor before consuming, as Growli includes a source of folic acid and vitamin A. 

The guidance as above still applied as in we recommend that you consume a varied, healthy diet along with Growli.

Can The Elderly Use Growli Muesli Safely?

Yes, but you should always check with your doctor before starting.

We would recommend that only half servings are consumed initially to allow for adaptation to the high amounts of fibre, protein and micronutrients. 

Can Those With Diabetes Use Growli Muesli?

Yes, when used inline with your doctors guidance on managing your blood sugar levels. The carbohydrates in Growli muesli are all low GI wholegrain sourced, the only sugar is naturally occurring and Growli is very high in fibre.

Always check with your doctor to ensure our product is right for you.

What Is Our Favourite Way To Have Growli?

We all have our favourites  but probably everyone’s  go to hack, is to turn Growli muesli into an icre cream-like desert.

Simply blend 100 grams growli, 200 g frozen berries, a little or milk together to produce a fruity pulp. Add guar gum until becomes thick like ice cream.

Can Children Eat Growli Muesli? FAQ
Can Children Eat Growli Muesli? FAQ
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