Think Outside the Shake: Weight Gainer Shakes

The team behind Growli have decades of experience with all things nutrition, diet and exercise and we love helping out both existing and potential new customers with answers to their questions. So here is another article that is easy to read and full of information about gaining weight with a nutrition shake or alternatively with our complete nutrition meal - Growli.

"What weight gainer shake should I drink?" "Could I make a weight gainer meal with Growli complete nutrition meal?"

These questions we get asked all the time. People want to know which weight gainers or similar products will give them the best results and make them put on weight quickly.

There are many different shakes you can choose from, but it's important that you understand which one is right for your body type and how much weight you want to put on before choosing. It is better to add additional weight to your frame with healthier calories than those from junk foods or poor quality ingredients.

But the straightforward simple answer is yes! You can make a weight gain meal or shake from Growli and you will gain extra with by using a gainer supplement.

Why Do You Need A Mass Gainer Shake?

For a variety of reasons, but most often bodybuilders and weightlifters use mass gainer shakes to assist them in meeting their calorific needs in a very cost effective manner.

To gain weight you need an excess of calories or what is know as a calorie surplus. But a smart weight gain diet is centred around quality nutrition with vitamins and minerals not just excess energy calories from high GI carbohydrates and fat.

Weight gainer supplements are a shake formulation of protein, carbohydrate and fat that provides you with a quick increase in calories, macronutrients and some minor micronutrients.

Features At A Glance

  • Ingredients from UK suppliers

  • Mixed and fulfilled in the UK

  • Organic wholegrain cereals and seeds

  • Proteins from grass fed cows

  • Non GMO and no soy

What Ingredients Are In Weight Gainer Shakes?

The ingredients used in such a mass gainer supplement will often be things like a whey protein / whey protein concentrate and maybe a milk powder, a form of carbohydrate such as powdered oats or if you're unlucky maltodextrin, fat will either come from the carbohydrate or will be a powdered variety such as flaxseed or MCT powder.

Some varieties of weight gainer blend also include a limited amount of vitamins, minerals and performance enhancing supplements such as creatine, HMB and maybe additional amino acids.

It is important to note that much of the ingredients used a weight gainer are of the most cost effective variety; heavily processed and not of top tier grade. For example, you aren't ever going to get organic oats or premium whey isolate protein powder included, just plenty of bang for you buck.

The Calories In Each Shake To Gain Weight?

The key to gaining and increasing your body mass index is simply to have a surplus of calories from energy; more carbohydrates and fat than you are burning off through training and general activity. More calories over your energy balance results with an increase in body weight.

The majority of weight added with be a combination of water and fat, lean muscle tissue for most individuals takes a considerable amount of time to build. Don't be under the impression that eating extra food or protein shakes will automatically translate to additional lean mass; only the 1% of genetic freaks are likely to achieve this... naturally.

It was not so long ago, that it wasn't uncommon for a weight gainer to incorporate almost a 1000 calories per serving. Crazy I know, but imagine your weight increase when add 2000 - 3000 kcal per day, that's some serious calorie intake each day. In the early 90's this was pretty common place.

Most modern formulas of weight gainer now average out at around 500 kcal per serving, with around 40 grams of protein from a whey protein powder, 60 grams of carbohydrate from fine oat powder and usually around 8 grams of fat. But little in the way of essential vitamins and minerals.

Is There An Alternative To Weight Gainer Shake?

Most definitely there is, so let's break this down in simple terms.

Most weight gain shakes have a serving size between 135 - 150 grams. Ok, well we can easily make this shake from our Growli complete nutrition meal.

All you need to do is use 2.5 scoops for 135 gram servings or 3 scoops for a 150 gram serving, blend with water, add in some creatine monohydrate, maybe some glycerol monostearate (for increased muscle pump) and boom you've made an awesome power shake. One that ticks more than just a few nutritional boxes.

The calories for this example are:

135 Gram Growli

  • 535 Kcal

  • 41 g Protein

  • 50 g Carbohydrate

  • 18 g Fat

150 Gram Growli

  • 535 Kcal

  • 41 g Protein

  • 50 g Carbohydrate

  • 18 g Fat

Those figures in of themselves say that Growli can be used like mass gainer supplements and yield significant nutritional value over an above the competition, way more than a singular protein shake or protein oats.

On top of this you are getting your healthy Omega fatty acids and essential vitamins and minerals with every serving. A really easy way to get optimum nutrition, increased protein intake, extra calories and a more balanced diet.

Our director Dave Carr has definitely built new muscle mass by combining Growli with resistance weight training. Growli has all the power of weight gainers, a protein shake along with the healthy nutrition of a complete meal.

Picture of a mass gainer shake being prepared

Mass Gain Recipe

  • Place into a blender cup

  • 2.5 scoops (135 grams) of Growli

  • Add approx 220ml water

  • Blend until smooth

  • [Optional] Add Guar Gum for a thicker / larger shake

    [Optional] Add creatine monohydrate

Growli contains no thickening agents, so if you plan have your shake later you may want to add a little guar gum as a stabiliser or re-shake in a shaker cup.

Don’t forget you can also blend in ice, frozen berries, espresso shots or flavour syrups, whatever floats your boat!

Picture of a mass gainer shake being prepared

Are Mass Gainers Good For Building Muscle Mass?

Everyone is looking for a quick and easy way to get muscle growth, more size, shape and strength through diet and exercise. But the way to build muscle may not as simple as you think. It all depends on your genetics, training, recovery and it goes without saying the diet. It is always more than just higher calorie intake.

If you want to gain muscle mass without gaining too much fat then the best option would be to keep just a little higher than your daily calorific needs, for example say around 500 kcal more than you total energy balance.

Use a serving of a weight gainer or a larger serving of Growli or alternatively a meal replacement shake or two servings of protein shake all of these can help you gain weight in a more controlled manner.

135 gram serving of Growli blended with water, will give you 41 grams of protein and 540 calories. 150 gram serving will yield 46 grams of protein with 600 calories.

Try to avoid weight gain supplements that use cheap carbohydrates such as maltodextrin and have protein derived from regular milk powder; which is not the same as a quality protein powder and is full of sugar.

Do Regular Protein Shakes Help You Gain?

There are lots of protein powders on the market, they all do pretty much the same thing; supply your body with amino acids with which to repair and to some degree lay down new tissue, please bear in mind that only a fraction of protein consumed actually gets turned into lean muscle tissue.

It is not always a case of just eating more and more protein; our bodies are way smarter than this and are more than optimum nutrition serious mass!

Protein shakes (protein powders) themselves are often low in calories, an average 35g serving is around 100-120 kcal, you are not going to gain a lot of extra weight through this routine. Unless you diet is already in a calorie surplus through other food sources.

But a protein shake one or twice per day around workouts are fine for providing additional amino acids in a convenient manner, but will not add vastly more calories.

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Q. How many calories in a gainer shake?

A. Usually 500 - 600 kcal per serving.

Q. Can I make a mass gainer with Growli?

A. Yes we have a recipe here.

Q. Is Growli suitable for vegetarians?

A. Yes, it contains dairy protein and is suitable for vegetarian diets.

Q. How fast should I put on weight?

A. Try to keep in a 250 - 500 kcal per surplus.

Q. Can I get fat using a weight gain shake?

A. Yes if you exceed your energy balance by too many kcal.

Q. What do protein shakes do?

A. They supply amino acids for use in recovery and repair.

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Can You Get Fat Using A Weight Gain Shake?

Yes of course if exceed you daily energy balance on a regular occasion with a protein shake or a weight gainer blend. I know a lot of guys who regularly blend in nut butters and peanut butter into their shakes, great for calories; great for adding too much fat.

If peanut butter should be you thing, opt for defatted peanut flour or powdered peanut butter instead, it's way less calories and makes great protein shakes too.

A weight gainer is designed to help you acquire weight by increasing your calorie consumption. Because of this, they're particularly useful for strength athletes, CrossFit competitors and bodybuilders who need a boost in their calorie intake.

However, if you don't take into account your overall strategy, it's quite easy to get add more fat than muscle over time when using these weight gain products. As mentioned before, it is all calories in versus calories out. Take weight gain slow and steady, use a nutritionally complete meal such as Growli as your base for your shake and avoid cheap highly processed formulas.

Why Use A Complete Nutrition Meal Instead Of a Weight Gainer?

A simple protein shake alone is not sufficient to produce a calorie surplus; unless of course you consume loads of them each day. If you love your body and want to be gaining muscle, you should be focusing on consuming the optimum nutrition your body needs through high quality carbohydrates, fats and proteins along with essential vitamins and minerals.

This can easily become difficult when trying to fit this into one meal so why not try using complete nutrition meal instead?

Complete nutrition meals contain all the optimum nutrition your body needs and they easily fit into your meal plan, simply swap out less healthy or less nutritionally beneficial foods for Growli.

This makes it easy to ensure you are getting all of the nutrients that you need, without having to worry about making an effort trying to get these from other sources in your diet such as vegetables or whole grains at every mealtime.

Are There Any Vegan Mass Gainers?

Most products used to gain weight are classed as vegetarian as they use dairy proteins such as whey concentrate or milk powders. But there are a few vegan weight gain shakes on the market which use protein powders from soy, pea, rice and hemp.

Any vegan mass gainer will inherently have higher levels of fibre than a vegetarian dairy based product, so please bear that in mind. Whilst fibre itself is a great thing and is highly recommended for a healthy gut, fibre from vegan proteins can cause more gas and bloating.

But any seasoned vegan will be more than accustomed to fibre in their diet, so I highly doubt this little hurdle will impede your weight gain journey.

At the moment Growli does not have a vegan version, but we are looking to add one very soon.

Final Thoughts

It is worth pointing out again that Growli does indeed offer everything you would desire from a weight gainer product, extra calories to gain weight, more protein with our bespoke protein powder, aids muscle growth and recovery, as convenient as meal replacements, easy to digest and it tastes damned good too.

And when you've reach the end of your weight gain journey, you can also use Growli to control your calories with the goal to lose weight.

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