Build lean muscle with Growli Muesli

Building Muscle With Superior Nutrition

Sculpting quality muscle and lean tissue requires far more than just protein, that’s one of the reasons protein shakes so often fall short. Power your work and recovery with the smarter option; complete nutrition.

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Muscle Is Built In The Kitchen

You have all heard this saying and we couldn’t agree more. Along with a good nights sleep, superior nutrition is key to achieving your physique results in the healthiest possible way. It doesn’t matter how amazing your workout split is if you aren’t repairing any damaged tissue with sufficient nutrients and recovery time.

Growli Muesli is an awesome nutritional aid for anyone wanting to build lean muscle with an appropriate workout routine. With a full compliment of building blocks, we pack in more than just protein for your workouts.

Growli provides you with a complete nutrition meal that you can chew and is derived from quality organic ingredients and dairy protein from grass fed cows.

Work harder, eat smarter with Growli Muesli.

Make Growli More Anabolic

Even though we pack in a large amount of highly bio available protein (31 grams) in each serving, more than sufficient for the average person to pack on lean mass in combination with a structured resistance training program. You may be wondering how you can make super muesli even more anabolic; for when you really need those gains!

Ok, so here’s just a few ideas you could try. 

Add More Protein

If you want to increase the amount of protein per serving, either add additional scoops of Growli or add an additional source of protein to the serving; low fat yoghurt, low sugar powdered peanut butter, additional whey protein or even add a side plate of protein such as eggs, lean beef, grilled chicken or fish. It’s pretty easy.

Include Supplements

You want more gains? Ok, add 1-2 grams of Creatine Monohydrate to each serving of Growli, you can also try adding some Glycerol Monostearate (follow the guidelines of the glycerol product)

Nutriton At A Glance

Per 100 gram serving

  • Energy  396 kcal / 1657 kj 

  • Fat  13.5 g

  • Saturates  3.4 g

  • Carbohydrates. 36.9 g

  • Sugar  2.6 g

  • Fibre  11.5 g

  • Protein  31.1 g

A bag of Growli Muesli
Burn Body Fat With Growli
Improve your health and wellbeing
Improve your health and wellbeing
Swap meals for Growli Muesli
Swap meals for Growli Muesli

What Is The Growli Difference?

We aid protein synthesis with 31 grams of complete protein per two scoop serving from whey, casein and whole grain ingredients. Our super muesli releases amino acids over a number of hours, helping you recover effectively from your workouts.

This is balanced out with 37 grams of low glycemic carbohydrates to provide sustained energy release, ideal for tough gym sessions. Our carbohydrate containing ingredients are also from quality organic whole grain sources which are rich in phytonutrients, fibre for improved gut biome health. No cheap carbs or fillers like so many other products use.

We also provide a quality source of fat from whole grain seeds such as flax, chia and hemp and have balanced omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids. It is widely accepted that protein is best absorbed with a source of nutrient rich fats.

Oh before we forget, did we mention that along with all the organic ingredients we also provide over 40 nutrients including all 26+ essential vitamins, minerals and probiotic bacteria and digestive enzymes. Growli Muesli has it covered!

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