Protein Porridge aka Protein Oats aka Proats

Please do not being thinking cooked oats with protein is a boring meal idea, far from it. Maybe stir in a little cacao powder, some sliced bananas, may be drop some low sugar chocolate chips on the top. There's really no rules when creating healthy and delicious recipes with rolled oats and protein; try making flap jacks or overnight oats. 

What is protein porridge?

A protein porridge mix or protein oatmeal or as some call them 'proats' are cooked quick oats, rolled oats or steel cut oats, with an added protein powder to boost the levels of protein past that regular oats and the milk used to cook them with.

Protein oatmeal isn't just for breakfast either, many gym users use a protein powder oatmeal as either a pre or post workout meal with it being a cost effective meal that’s high in protein. It provides a slow burner source of carbohydrates to either fuel your workout or help you recover from one, plus plenty of amino acids for repair.

Is high protein porridge good for you?

Most definitely, porridge has been eaten for centuries and whilst the ingredients are processed to aid in cooking and digestion, they still pack a considerable amount of nutrition.

The addition of extra protein aids with muscle protein synthesis and repair, protein is also high satiating and may help you feel full for longer. Excellent news if you are working long hours between breaks are wanting to use protein porridge as an aid to weight loss goals.

Oats are a great healhy food and not just for breakfast, so lunch time is a winner! Get in a few extra calories to fuel your training plan.

  • Porridge contains a soluble fibre know as beta-glucans, there can be between 8 - 10 grams of fibre per 100 grams of dry oats

  • Consuming more than 3 grams of beta glucan fibre each day has been shown to help reduce of levels LDL and total cholesterol.

  • Proats also contain the following minerals: Manganese Phosphorus Copper Iron Selenium Magnesium Zinc

Nutriton At A Glance

Per 50 gram Scoop

  • Energy  197 kcal / 828 kj 

  • Fat  6.75 g

  • Saturates  1.7 g

  • Carbohydrates. 18.5 g

  • Sugar  1.3 g

  • Fibre  5.75 g

  • Protein  15.5 g

How much protein in porridge with milk?

On average there is 10.8 grams of protein in a 40g serving of porridge made with semi skim milk. Which is much lower than many would need to build lean muscle or repair after a serious training session. By way of comparison Growli would offer you 12.4g when made with water.

Photo of a bowl of protein porridge oats with blue berries

Can you add protein powder to porridge?

Yes if you simply want to additional protein to your breakfast oatmeal, then adding protein powder such as a half scoop of whey or casein mixed into the oats as they are cooking, we prefer to add the powder towards the end of the cook time.

The use of a protein powder or milk protein concentrate in the protein porridge mix also reduces any additional fats that may come with other proteins such as a peanut butter or nut butter etc. 

A flavoured powder such as vanilla protein powder also adds a level of sweetness to the meal, so no extra added sugar would need to be added to your recipe ideas.

There are many flavours of protein available, one of the most popular Growli recipes is the chocolate flavour. Consider adding chocolate protein powder to your steel cut oats and maybe some sugar free chocolate chips and cook over a medium high heat.

Photo of a bowl of protein porridge oats with blue berries

can I add protein to porridge without protein powder?

If you do not have any protein powder or milk protein concentrate available, do not despair there are still ways to increase the levels of amino acids within your oatmeal recipe.

15-20 grams of powdered peanut butter or nut butters are a nice source of plant based protein, powdered peanut floor has most of the fat removed, but still provides decent levels of protein, slow release energy and fibre. Although higher in fat, almond butter or chia seeds can also provide additional proteins to your porridge.

Some bodybuilders drop in egg whites which contain a highly bioavailable protein source, this will firm the bowl of porridge up somewhat as the eggs cook through.

You can also drop in some greek yogurt, which again makes your proats more creamy with that slight sour tang associated with plain yoghurt.

What can replace porridge?

The question should really be 'what can replace and improve upon a warming bowl of porridge?' and the answer would always be our Growli complete nutrition meal Growli is a hybrid blend of muesli/oatmeal from organic ingredients and a high purity dairy proteins.

  • Growli has balanced Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids by including chia seeds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds and hemp seeds.

  • Growli is super easy to mix and prepare with a very short cook time. Just add warm or cold water or milk alternatives such as almond milk, soy milk or oat milk.

  • Each one will give Growli a slightly different taste, texture and level of sweetness.

What extras can be added to protein porridge?

Aside from whey protein concentrate powders, you could add vanilla extract, maple syrup, peanut butter, nuts and chia seeds, sliced banana or even sea salt to your bowl for a delicious breakfast.

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Q. What does Proats mean?

A. Proats means Protein + Oats

Q. How do I add protein to porridge oats?

A. Adding a protein powder is the easiest way.

Q. How much protein in porridge?

A. If made with water 4.1g, 10.8g if made with milk

Q. Does porridge include beta-glucans fibre?

A. Yes porridge oats do have beta-glucans fibre.

Q. Are oats gluten free?

A. Yes, oats are naturally gluten free, check the product label.

Q. How much protein in 40g porridge plus whey

A. With half scoop of whey concentrate there’s 15.6g protein.

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Are Oats gluten free?

A warming bowl of porridge, oatmeal or overnight oats are in general very popular with those following a zero gluten diet, as oats are inherently gluten free and make for a healthy breakfast choice. Although oats are often grown or processed in locations where gluten containing ingredients are present.

Please make sure you check the ingredients label . Our Growli complete food is not gluten free, although we are working a gluten free version.

Which protein powder is best to add to oats?

Many people add a whey protein or micellar casein to their high protein oatmeal, the use of a dairy based protein powder works well if you are still cooking the oatmeal in milk. Additionally casein makes for an extra creamy texture.

You can of course add in a plant based protein concentrate such a soy or pea protein; soy protein has a much more neutral flavour and generates a similar gel texture to oats. Then cook the oats with oat milk or almond milk to create plant based recipes that easily fit into your balanced diet.

If you need a little additional fat in your protein oatmeal then a little almond butter will add a few extra grams.

Make high protein oatmeal using Growli

Whilst strictly not the same as protein oatmeal, as Growli contains organic oats, barley and wheat flakes along with an array of organic seeds such as hemp seeds, chia seeds and flax seeds. But it does make a very tasty alternative to your current oatmeal recipes.

Growli is real food, just like steel cuts oats or protein powder oatmeal; we just have more high grade organic ingredients to achieve our aims of offering a nutritionally complete food.

So why not supercharge your breakfast cuisine and take it to the next level with a high protein, complete nutrition version of protein oats using Growli? It's even easier to make, is super tasty, offers better nutrition than regular high protein oatmeal and costs a lot less than the protein oats you find in pots.

Growli is also highly versatile and easy to turn into overnight oats pancakes, waffles or even a weight gainer shake .. Fair to say it's way more than just protein powder oatmeal or muesli.

Did we mention Growli also supplies you with all your necessary vitamins and minerals, along with digestive enzymes to help you get the most from our complete nutrition meal. Now that's got to offer more than a scoop of protein? Yes, of course it does.

The prep time for using Growli in recipes is really short, grab a bowl, drop in 1-2 scoops of product, add warm water and stir.... Slice over some fruit or drop in some cocoa powder or may be add cinnamon for a twist.

Many of our customers make recipes from Growli as it allows them to track their calories and stay in an energy deficit for weight loss.

Nutrition facts

Growli 50g
(with water)

  • Kcal: 197

  • KJ: 824

  • Fat: 6.75g

  • Saturates: 1.7g

  • Carbohydrates: 18.5g

  • Sugars: 1.35g

  • Protein: 15.5g

  • Fibre: 5.75g

  • Salt: 0.3g

Porridge 40g
(with water)

  • Kcal: 145

  • KJ: 612

  • Fat: 2.8g

  • Saturates: 0.4g

  • Carbohydrates: 24.2g

  • Sugars: 0.5g

  • Protein: 4.1g

  • Fibre: 3.3g

  • Salt: 0.01g

Porridge 40g + 15g Whey
(with water)

  • Kcal: 205

  • KJ: 833

  • Fat: 4.1g

  • Saturates: 1.3g

  • Carbohydrates: 25.4g

  • Sugars: 2

  • Protein: 15.6g

  • Fibre: 3.4g

  • Salt: 0.55g

Final thoughts

Protein porridge is a healthy and nutritious meal that's cost effective and easy to prepare. Overall it is a great little meal to keep you full and sustained with slow burning carbohydrates.

Our Growli would obviously be a supercharged alternative providing a mix of high quality protein concentrate, a variety of organic carbohydrates and fats from chia seeds for a complete nutrition meal. Suitable for eating at anytime and of course breakfast, prep time is literally a few seconds; available in vanilla and goji berry flavour for a superior taste experience.

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