Vanilla & 
Goji Berry

21 Servings
2.1 kg

All your protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals in one super convenient meal

All your protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals in one super convenient meal

Growli Muesli Main Features

Prepared in seconds

31g Protein, 37g Carbs (2.7g Sugars), 13g Fats, 11g Fibre, 0.6g Salt 

It’s Real Food

Everything You Need In One Meal

Growli Muesli is a high protein, high fibre complete nutrition meal made from ORGANIC wholegrain cereals and seeds. It’s real food designed to be eaten at any meal time.

With 40+ nutrients, including all essential vitamins and minerals, why would you choose anything else?

Young man and woman eating Growli Muesli

Created By Dave

Designed to provide much needed quality nutrition to your diet. To keep you full until your next meal, protein to help repair and recover, wholegrain cereals for sustained energy through the day.

Replace your less healthy meals with Growli Muesli.

Growli Muesli designed by Dave Carr

Check Out The Reviews

Our Customers Love Growli!

Our customers love our nutritionally complete muesli and who wouldn’t? It’s an amazing little product. 

Many of our customers purchase Growli direct from us on a regular basis to improve the quality of their diet, help with their weight loss goals or to help fuel their workouts.

See the reviews of Growli Muesli for yourself.

A great review for Growli Muesli

Build A Better Body

Packed With Muscle Building Protein

Combined with a suitable exercise program, Growli Muesli is a healthy, convenient and delicious meal to help you build muscle.

We offer so much more than just a protein shake, Growli Muesli delivers the complete nutrition your body needs to achieve those gains.

Think outside the box and start making real progress!

Growli Muesli can help you build lean muscle

Get A Leaner Body

With Complete Nutrition Meals

Growli Muesli makes it much simpler to control your calorie intake.

Our high protein, high fibre delicious meal is highly filling and super nutritious; keeping hunger at bay for much longer.

Be strong, be positive, be happy - be Growli

Lose weight and body fat through complete nutrition using Growli Muesli

Features At A Glance

Growli Muesli Features

Features At A Glance

Growli Muesli Features
Growli Muesli Features
Growli Muesli Features

Organic Ingredients

When we began developing our nutritionally complete muesli, it was always a certainty that we wouldn’t settle for anything less than the finest of ingredients.

By working closely with UK suppliers we have succeeded in combining organic wholegrain cereals and seeds with dairy protein from grass fed cows.

Tweak Your Growli

Growli Muesli is incredibly versatile and can be used in some cool ways; overnight oats, pancakes, waffles, ice cream and even a curry sauce base.

Our customers really love how they can tweak and hack our nutritionally complete food to fit their lifestyle.

So Many Ways To Use Growli Muesli
So Many Ways To Use Growli Muesli

Growli Recipes

Check out just some of the ways to change the flavour and nutritional profile of Growli with these recipes and upgrades.

And don’t forget to share your ideas with us!

Growli Recipes

The Nutritional Data

We are very proud of the nutritional quality of our grass fed dairy protein, organic wholegrain cereals and seeds.

So please come and see what we have managed to pack into this game changing complete nutrition food.

Growli Muesli is literally packed to the brim with goodness.

The full nutritional data on Growli Muesli

Ways To Use Growli

Swap Out Bad Meals

It is really easy to include real quality nutrition into your diet by swapping out less healthful meals and replacing them with Growli recipes and hacks.

Start by removing just one to two bad meals per day and replacing them with a Growli serving. It’s really easy and super tasty!

Swap your less nutritious meals to Growli Muesli

Latest Discounts

All of our latest offers and discounts are shared via our monthly newsletter along with helpful articles and guides, recipes, hacks and the latest Growli news.

Growli Discounts

Growli Vegan Options

Just like our muesli, the Vegan options from Growli will be delicious nutritionally complete alternative to regular oatmeal or porridge. And it’s coming to you very soon.

40+ nutrients, including all essential vitamins and minerals, high levels of protein and 1:1 ratio of EFA’s.

Growli Vegan Options