Increase your health and wellbeing with Growli Muesli

Improve Your Health And Wellbeing Through Nutrition

We pack many, important nutritional benefits into a real chewable food; ideal for improving your overall health and wellbeing meal by meal.

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How Can Growli Muesli Improve Your Health?

As you’ll see from our nutrition data we have filled our muesli to the brim with macro and micro nutrients from the best organic ingredients.

Many of our day to day meals fail to reach their nutritional potential, often providing little more than energy in the form of refined carbohydrates and fat. Sadly these same meals provide hardly anything in the way of usable micro nutrients. Something often overlooked but so essential for long term health.

Our nutritionally complete food product aims to change that. By simply swapping out the less nutritious meals in your day with a serving of Growli Muesli, you are turning nutrient empty meal times into meal times packed to the fullest with the goodness your body needs.

The quality organic ingredients provide a full spectrum of important nutrients including all essential vitamins and minerals, phytonutrients, soluble and insoluble fibre for gut micro biome health.

We also provide a healthy serving of pre-biotic fibre in the form of Inulin, which for many people has improved their overall sleep quality. We all know a full nights sleep is essential for feeling great throughout the day.

Nutriton At A Glance

Per 100 gram serving

  • Energy  396 kcal / 1657 kj 

  • Fat  13.5 g

  • Saturates  3.4 g

  • Carbohydrates. 36.9 g

  • Sugar  2.6 g

  • Fibre  11.5 g

  • Protein  31.1 g

A bag of Growli Muesli
Build Muscle With Growli
Build Muscle With Growli
Burn Body Fat With Growli
Burn Body Fat With Growli
Swap meals for Growli Muesli

Growli Muesli Is Real Food

We have broken the mould here and it may come as a shock, but the meal in our pouches is a real chewable food; not a watery shake.

We all know digestion starts in the mouth with chewing, so it makes perfect sense to offer our nutritional complete and nutritionally superior meal in a chewable form. Many of our customers have also found the act of chewing their meals far more satiating and rewarding opposed to simply drinking them.

Heal your body from the inside out with a nutritionally complete food in the simplest way by swapping just one less nutritious meal at a time.

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