Reasons For Using Growli

With so many processed convenience foods on the market it is often very difficult to obtain the required nutrient levels required for building a better body and increasing your overall health and wellbeing. Much of what the average person consumes is bereft of any real nutritional benefit and exists for no more than mouth pleasure.

If all you eat is nutrient empty processed foods, you cannot take full advantage of your bodies own potential to be healthy, alert and robust.

Have you every felt drained, empty of drive and energy without any real reason? A loss of systemic energy you cannot put your finger on the cause?

Benefits Of Using Growli

  • Super nutritious alternative to processed foods

  • Great levels of protein, carbs, fats and fibre

  • Hardly any food preparation

  • All you need is a bowl and a spoon

  • No cooking or energy requirements

Photo of grass fed dairy cows

There is a high chance that your diet is simply deficit in essential micronutrients  and your body is running on poor unsustainable sources of energy. Imagine running your car with contaminated fuel, the lack of performance, potential damage and repair costs. Your diet needs to change.

By replacing some of your daily meals with Growli, you will be instantly upping your nutrient game, packing essential amino acids, essential healthy fats, slow burning carbohydrates and a full range of micronutrients into your day.

We have literally packed Growli Muesli to the brim with a whole range of quality ingredients, many of which are from organic wholegrain sources. Providing you with better food, to help build a better you. The formula has undergone rigorous testing with sample audiences to ensure the highest levels of digestion, performance and satiety. 

Part Of A Healthy Diet

Whilst you can easily live solely off multiple Growlies per day (I have done this extensively during the 2020 pandemic), we do recommend and prefer you to use our product as an alternative to less healthy meals and still eat healthy home cooked meals for optimum performance and vitality. 

Plus by using a combination of Growli and normal foods, you can open yourself up to a greater level of flexibility and variety of flavours. See how to use Growli Muesli >

It is after all very nice to share a meal with your friends, family or colleagues. These can be very positive and rewarding times to embrace. So use Growli as a nutrient boost, a replacement for less nutritious meals as and when possible.

Ingredients In Growli Muesli

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Muesli Nutritional Data

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